Appointing/choosing members of International Editorial Advisory Board

1.0       Overview

In 2015 a new yearly academic journal, peer-reviewed by scholars from institutes both in Ireland and abroad, was founded. This journal, COMHARTaighde, publishes scholarly work of the highest standard, primarily in the following fields of Modern Irish scholarship: literary and cultural criticism, the study of songs and oral tradition, and Irish sociolinguistics. In order to serve the Irish community worldwide, in Ireland and abroad, the journal is published on an open access basis on the internet. This journal is not believed to be in competition with any other recognised periodical and it provides a peer-review forum to researchers in fields of study that do not currently have many opportunities for publication available to them. This project builds on the long-standing tradition of the monthly magazine, Comhar, as a place for thinking and also on the original philosophy of the magazine regarding the dispersion of scholarly findings amongst the widest possible community. 

2.0       Current status

Phase 1 (editions 1-2) and phase 2 (editions 3-5) have been completed. Phase 3, which will continue on with editions 7-9, is underway and editions 10 & 11 may be added if the editors wish to do so. Edition 6 will be a special once-off edition celebrating modern literatures in Irish and Scots Gaelic.

3.0     Process for the current board and former editors

  • COMHAR’s board of directors will undertake the process to find the selection of editors for the new panel of editors.
  • This will begin after the new panel of editors is nominated.
  • It is imagined that there will be between 12-16 members on the board.
  • Those who are members of the current advisory board, who have completed one term up to that point, may be asked if they wish to be re-appointed for a second term.
  • Former editors who have completed the immediate term, previous to the new Board, may be asked to be members of the Board.
  • No members are expected to be appointed for three consecutive terms. Therefore, for those who have spent two consecutive terms on the advisory board, their terms will come to an end at that point.

4.0       Nominating new members

Depending on the above-mentioned approach, new journal editors will be asked to recommend a certain number of new members, in line with the following criteria and circumstances (for the entire board):

  • all members must be connected with an institute of higher education;
  • gender balance;
  • balance with regard to age/experience;
  • balance with regard to institutes in Ireland;
  • balance with regard to fields of study (especially in the following fields: literary and cultural criticism, the study of songs and oral tradition, and Irish sociolinguistics);
  • a certain number of members (1-3) must be working outside of Ireland; and
  • a maximum of three retired academics.

5.0       Approval

These recommendations will be added to all the names from Section 3 above and they will be examined by COMHAR’s board of directors before they are approved.