Croidhe Cainnte Chiarraighe and Dinneen's dictionary

Tracey Ní Mhaonaigh


When Seán Óg Ó Caomhánaigh decided to compile Croidhe Cainnte Chiarraighe, he forwarded a sample of the material he had already collected to the Advisory Committee of the Department of Education. In January 1935, the Committee discussed the sample, a section of the letter ‘B’. They then asked Mícheál Ó Gríobhtha, a Munster editor with the state publishing house An Gúm, to give his opinion on it. He informed them that he thought it would be valuable as a work, and it was felt that Seán should be allowed to continue with it. Seán Óg subsequently forwarded the next section of the letter ‘B’ to the Department and, as had been done with the earlier material, Ó Gríobhtha examined it closely. He raised concerns about some of the examples which, he felt, were very close to English forms, along with further examples that were similar to examples in Dinneen’s dictionary. And this would not be the only time during this project that reference would be made to the similarity between the work of Seán Óg and this particular dictionary.

This article will focus, therefore, on the question of the similarity between Croidhe Cainnte Chiarraighe and Dinneen’s dictionary and on Seán Óg’s response to it.

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